Olympic Fever engulfs me, 18 Months to go….

I am so excited watching the Summer Olympic Games and with all its guts, glory and dedication with all of our Aussie Athletes doing us proud representing our country. Watching amazing feat after feat and learning about everyone’s battle and the courage it takes to aim for Gold!


This is the very aspect of being an Athlete that inspires me to be the best I can possibly be! Not just here in Australia, however to be the best in the World! What an ambition, what a goal and what a life!

The hours and hours of single mindedness training to try that little bit harder, work those legs and glutes just that little bit more, to get the most out of your body to be better than others. Needing to do what others aren’t doing to get that competitive edge, by training harder, eating better and working on my skill to the point of exhaustion! And me for one, just loves it!

I ask you to join me on my next 18 months countdown to PyeongChang in South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympics where we will pit our best against the best in the world to see who is supreme in their chosen discipline.

Check out some of these links and enjoy my journey and share it with me as we Go for Gold in 2018.




Olympic Winter Institute

Mt Hotham

See you all soon,

Greta X

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